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2021 – TBA


Financiers perspective on hotel development in Francophone Africa

Published 29 January 2019

Jonathan Kouassi, Relationship Manager, Société Générale Côte d’Ivoire sharing his insights on North & West African markets ahead of the conference where he will walk us through the financiers on their lending terms and what they are looking for from the hotel sector.

FIHA: In your opinion, what key trend is transforming the current Hotel Investment landscape and how?

JONATHAN: Hotel investment in Africa is driven by 04 key trends:

  • Strong demography: With a population that has doubled over the past 30 years, Africa is about to become the most populous continent in 2050. This large population has a large middle class that uses recreational tourism. The inter and intrastate tourist routes are to be developed.
  • Investment attractiveness: This strong demographic induce investments in infrastructure and important services, hence the interest for all types of investors. It should be noted that governments update incentives for investments.
  • Lack of quantitative and qualitative supply: In view of this high attractiveness and demographic strength, the gap is increasingly large in terms of hotel infrastructure, hence the need for investment in a profitable sector.
  • The development of financial products by banks and other financial institutions to support investments in the sector.

FIHA: How is the future of hospitality in the Francophone going to be different from what it is today?


  • The introduction of incentives to accompany investors and facilitate investments
  • Except for a few security concerns inherent in all major cities in the world, political stability is essential to reassure investors
  • The emergence of African hotel chains on the sides of the majors, declining an African hotel identity.

FIHA: Please tell us a little bit about what you look forward to discussing at FIHA 2019?

JONATHAN: Discuss with investors and other partners our perception of the changing sector of the potential for financial support from players such as banks.

FIHA: How do you benefit from being a part of FIHA 2019?

JONATHAN: Better visibility for our institution in terms of support for hotel project financing.

What are you looking forward to the most at this event?

JONATHAN: This event is a very big skylight for exchanging with key players in the tourism and hospitality sector. We hope to meet with all of the sector’s partners to share our vision and strategy for achieving this vision.

About Jonathan Kouassi

Après un passage d’une durée de 04 années chez ECOBANK C.I. au poste de Relationship Manager d’un pôle clientèle du Secteur Public puis du négoce de produits agricoles et pétroliers, je suis chez SG CI depuis 03 ans. J’ai en charge le développement d’un portefeuille de clients CORPORATE et de projets sur les secteurs Infrastructures, Immobilier Hôtellerie et BTP.
Au cours de ces trois dernières années, sur le secteur hôtelier, nous avons travaillé sur des projets emblématiques tels que le MOVENPICK ABIDJAN, le NOOM ABIDJAN et APPART’ CITY ABIDJAN….